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Golf Cart Pedagogy - Episode 3 - "Call Me Driver"

A white-hot summer day for a enlightening interview. Join Tony Dalton, Digital Cultures Media Technologist and special guest Trexler Library's own Jessica Denke, Outreach and Assessment…

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TechTalks 2019: Accessibility and Universal Design

Alison Diefenderfer dives into the best practices for creating accessible content for your courses and beyond. As Muhlenberg continues to aim for accessibility compliance, the topics covered in this…

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TechTalks 2019: Knightlabs

Tim Clarke gives an overview of Knightlabs products. Hosted in the Hive, Trexler Library B06.

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ITDL Video Podcast Fall 2018 ep1

The video on how to use the new touch panel design! The New ITDL web page! The ITDL Video…

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Zoom Tech Tuesday 10/18/2016

There are many possibilities for integrating real-time (synchronous) online communication and collaboration in teaching and learning. For traditional, blended, or online courses, opportunities to…

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Tech Tuesday Fall 2016: Shared Shelf

Susan Falciani and Lora Taub-Pervizpour dive into the details of Shared Shelf. This online platform hosts a vast array of digital material from many colleges and universities.

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Tech Tuesday Fall 2016: Voice Thread

Bill Feeney and Jordan Noyes give an in depth look at Voice Thread. Bill explains how he was able to use the application in a creative way for a summer session course.

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