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Preparing the Protein/Receptor in UCSF Chimera - Part 1

Importing a protein structure by PDB ID into UCSF Chimera

From  Keri Colabroy on May 27th, 2020 101 plays 0  

Spring Cleaning : A Time for Drive

Time to do some digital spring cleaning. Wondering how to plan for NEXT year's appraisal? Embarking on a new project? Joining or chairing a committee? Use Google Drive to your advantage.

From  Phedra Henninger on May 1st, 2019 56 plays 0  

02.28.2017_Unit 2

pH, acidity/alkalinity, protein secondary structure (alpha helices and beta strands), effects of acid on protein (denaturation, coagulation), esp milk

From  Keri Colabroy on February 28th, 2017 35 plays 0  

Tech Tuesday Spring 2017: Open Education

Dr. Lora Taub-Pervizpour and Jen Jarson present on open education. The ability to create and share academic material online is an ever increasing tool within the higher-ed community.

From  Instructional Technology Media Services on January 26th, 2017 46 plays 0  

A Pandora's Box for Teaching, Scholarship & Identity

Jim Groom will be presenting, "A Pandora's box for Teaching, Scholarship and Identity". Jim is a co-founder of Reclaim Hosting, and an early architect of the Domain of One's Own…

From  Instructional Technology Media Services on October 17th, 2016 156 plays 0  

Swiss PDB Viewer

This video demonstrates how to download, install and use Swiss-PDB viewer on a computer running Windows. Basic viewing of a protein structure is demonstrated using the main program tools, including…

From  Keri Colabroy on January 14th, 2016 335 plays 0