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Backup your stuff!

How not to lose your work and other helpful hints for storing, backing up and securing your data. Including an introduction to Drive File Stream.

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Yet Another Mail Merge

Tom Allison from the support desk reviews Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) technique in Gmail.

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Tech Tuesday Spring 2017: Qualtrics

Tim Clarke demonstrates the power survey tool, Qualtrics. This online tool can be integrated into Canvas and is proposed to take the place of popular survey-making sites like Survey Monkey.

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Mailto for Chrome on PC

This short tutorial will help you set up the Google Chrome extension for "Mailto". This is for a PC platform. If you are using a Mac, please see the Mac tutorial here:…

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Mailto for Chrome on Mac

This short tutorial will help you set up the Google Chrome extension for "Mailto". This is for a Mac platform. If you are using a PC, please see the PC tutorial here:…

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Zoom Tech Tuesday 10/18/2016

There are many possibilities for integrating real-time (synchronous) online communication and collaboration in teaching and learning. For traditional, blended, or online courses, opportunities to…

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