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Opioid Panel Discussion

Panelists Jeremy Teissere (Neuroscience), Chrys Cronin (Public Health), Kate Richmond (Psychology), Rachel Hamelers (Library). Come hear panelists from Muhlenberg discuss the nature of opioid…

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Center for Ethics: "I, Citizen"

November 1, 7 p.m. in Moyer Hall’s Miller Forum Achy Obejas will introduce her newest book of short stories, the “Tower of the Antilles,” with a book signing to follow. These…

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Tech Talk Fall2017: Adam Croom

Adam Croom from the University of Oklahoma visited Muhlenberg to talk about Domain of One's Own and digital literacy.

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Center for Ethics: "Why is Trump So Enjoyable?"

William Mazzarella will explore the imperviousness of President Donald Trump's popularity to gaffes and scandals. To do this, he will suggest that we need to come to grips with the dimension of…

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Ms. Judy Woodruff: "Covering the News in Washington: 2017"

Some remarks on Saturday about the challenges facing today's news media as they try to cover the new Trump administration, and a little about what it's like to put a nightly news program…

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Dr. Leonard Zon '79: "Developing New Therapies with Stem Cells - a Fishy Tale"

Blood stem cells are used clinically to treat patients with leukemia after chemotherapy. The process is curative and only needs to be done once, yet about 25% of patients die from the procedure. …

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Dr. John C. Mather: "The History of the Universe from the Beginning to the End: Where Did We Come From? Where Can We Go?"

A lively discussion of the history of the universe from its early moments in the Big Bang to its possible end, illustrated with examples from NASA, including measurements of the Big Bang, discoveries…

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Ms. Jawole Willa Jo Zollar: "Dancing for Every Body"

Ms. Zollar speaks about her experiences as a dancer, choreographer and activist, as well as her unique approach to creating community-based art that enables local artists to strengthen effective…

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Dana Forum Day 1 Closing Remarks

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Dana Forum Opening Day 2

Welcome and Opening Remarks Dr. Brian Mello

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